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          Water Neutralization

          It is important to know the pH of feed water coming into the water supply or even the filter system. Feedwater with a pH less than 7 is acidic and can cause corrosion in the pipes, mineral staining and can be a lot of effort for the RO unit to filter. AMPAC USA houses the best line of water neutralizers that can increase the pH of the water to an acceptable number by manual use or chemical injection. These chemicals are particularly helpful in avoiding mineral stains and odor from the water. These should be used before the use of water softeners and are specially formulated with alkaline compounds for safe water neutralization.

          AMPAC USA offers a wide range of these chemicals for different purposes at the best prices. These chemicals are made from the best international practices and after years of R & D., You can call us for a consultation or an expert to examine your chemical needs for the water treatment systems. AMPAC offers 24x7 customer care and a home visit by our skilled experts in case of any water treatment challenges. Check out the line of the best water neutralizers down below!

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