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          Dynamic Sequencing Reactor (SBR)

          As a leader in environmental technology specializing in the design and supply of state-of-the-art domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants,?AMPAC USA offers innovative industrial and commercial scale waste water treatment systems, building dynamic programmable and automatic controls into the design to create a dynamic rather than passive Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) process. ?

          The Sequencing Batch Reactor is a reliable biological-based?treatment ideal?for industrial facilities. ?AMPAC?USA?dynamic Sequencing Batch Reactors include?all process equipment components including pretreatment, disinfection, effluent recycling systems.

          While the reaction process is performed in batches, real-time adjustments are made to maximize the efficiency of each stage, such as:

          • Influent equalization (optional), accumulating erratic inflow first before aeration, then releasing a more steady, equalized flow
          • Automatic effluent discharge valve in the decanting system
          • Automatic chlorinated feed systems ??
          • Pretreatment screen and optional influent equalization
          • Aeration blowers
          • Aeration diffusers assemblies
          • Decanter system with automatic valve for treated effluent discharge
          • Chlorination feed systems
          • PLC based control panels
          • Membrane process secondary waste recycling (optional)
          • Complete system engineering design


          Following are the key benefits from Ampac USA dynamic Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR):

          • Lower cost than conventional biological treatment methods
          • Less land requirement versus conventional treatment methods; the processes are carried out sequentially in the same tank
          • Capable of handling wide swings in hydraulic and organic loading
          • Easier to control filamentous growth and settling problems
          • Less equipment to maintain; requires only air blower, and air diffuser assemblies and decanting device
          • Fully automatic operation for less operator attention required
          • Greater operator flexibility; PLC control with touch screen panel view operation adjustment

          Dynamic Sequencing Reactor (SBR)

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