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          R/O Spare Parts

          As a well established name in manufacturing and supplying water purification products in the industry since last twenty years, we are engaged in supplying in all-inclusive range of quality approved and standardized products. At Ampac we think beyond making money and take into consideration the customer benefit as well. Reverse Osmosis or RO Water purifiers are used extensively by households for drinking pure and safe water. With such extensive demand also comes need for repair, wear and tear. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible for residents to keep changing the RO water purifier with any error in the functioning of the water purification system. As an economic and efficient solution to this problem, Ampac USA offers RO spare parts to help the households spend only that amount of? amount of money which is required to change a particular problem causing piece within their budget and get pure drinking water.

          The products we offer:

          Here is the list of ready to sell products we have:

          • Four Gallon Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank
          • TW30-1812-36
          • TW30-1812-50
          • TW30-1812-75
          • TW30-1812-100

          Besides these products, we are constantly working on increasing the products in this list.

          Why should you buy from us?

          For all those clients who are having second thoughts about buying products from us, just take a moment and read below:

          • We have twenty years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of RO spare parts
          • Quick delivery time of the products
          • Sturdy and quality material used in manufacture
          • One stop solution to all your water purification problems
          • Customized solutions also available
          • Service and repair facilities
          • Products are high on durability
          • 100% safe products

          If you wish to buy our products and feel the difference, speak to one of our executives on our toll free number 877-611-8530 or fill our contact form today.?


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          DOW FILMTEC? reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are one of the most trustworthy products in water treatment available on the market. The company DOW is world-renowned for making membranes compatible with almost any RO filter.??

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          DOW FILMTEC? reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are specially made for home drinking water treatment units and are regarded as the most reliable elements in the industry.?

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          DOW FILMTEC? reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are the most reputed products on the market. Advanced technology and automated fabrication allow the company to create the membrane elements consistently with the same exact specifications.?

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          Dow Filmtec Membrane TW30-1812-100 by AMPAC USA is a reliable replacement for commercial water purifiers.?

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          Four Gallon reverse osmosis water storage tank by AMPAC USA meets different storage needs of residential/commercial property owners.

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