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          Industrial Water Softeners

          AMPAC USA offers Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners and Water Conditioners that are designed for a wide variety of industrial reverse osmosis applications. Potential uses Commercial / Industrial Type Boilers and Chillers for major Installations such as Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, Apartment Complexes, Factories and many other applications where high flow rates and capacities are a requirement.
          The Quality Water Treatment staff is ready to help you with your most demanding applications. Simply call toll free at 1-877-611-8530, or you can reach us through our contact us page.

          • Appropriate size mineral tank, Commercial Brine tank with Brine tubing and connectors, Distributor tube.
          • An appropriate amount of gravel and cross-link resin, Control valves.
          • All Systems are new with Factory warranties.


          • Reduced Maintenance.
          • Protect Pipes and Equipment
          • Scale Reduction
          • Improved Efficiency of Process Equipment
          • Reduced Energy and Water Consumption
          • Reduced Chemical and Detergent Costs
          • Reduced Maintenance.
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