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          How to Request for a Quotation

          We welcome all kinds of inquiries on Ampac USA products, including requests for price quotations and formal proposals. Simply email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form on www.aadisplay.cn/contact and provide us the following information to help determine the most suitable equipment for your needs:

          Water source..What is the source of the water to be treated?

          • Sea/ ocean
          • Estuary (intersection of sea and river)
          • River/ stream/ lake (surface water)
          • Municipal water supply
          • Waste water discharge
          • Other

          Water flow rate. Typically, one of the ff. will prevail; please indicate gallons per day or liters per day:

          • How much (raw) water from the source will be treated?
          • OR
          • How much clean water will be produced?

          Water quality

          • Describe the quality of the source water: clear, hazy, murky, opaque?
          • If water analysis report is available, please state the results.

          Are there any other factors that can affect solution design, such as:

          • Dimensions LxWxH if space is limited
          • Distance or elevation from water source to treatment system
          • Difference in elevation between water source and end product, i.e. purified water

          Corporate Head Office

          Ampac USA
          5255-5265 State St.
          Montclair, CA 91763 USA

          (877) 611-8530 Toll Free / (909) 548-4900 Voice / (909) 548-4901 Fax
          Contact Us
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